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What is the Subconscious?

Nobody really knows. Freud believed it was a lake of consciousness below the surface that is connected to a universal consciousness throughout the Universe.

woman with head partly submerged in water representing subconscious.I’ll just say the subconscious does what it’s told. It does ANYTHING that it’s told. That’s the important thing to remember. This includes very destructive things or incredibly uplifting tasks or behaviors. It’s your choice. Well, today, it’s your choice. It wasn’t always your choice in the past.

Your Subconscious Origins

When you came into this world screaming and taking in your first gulps of air, you left a somewhat sheltered existence in your mother’s womb, which was mostly bereft of societal toxicity in the form of ignorant opinions, criticism, fearful speech, etc.

Unfortunately, the “imprinting” process begins immediately. We begin consuming the world around us through our ears, eyes, and sense of touch. This could mean we begin to watch a parent physically abuse another parent in the room. This sad, but true reality for some produces a memory bank in the subconscious and these types of memories can influence the rest of our lives.

This is why “awareness” is so important to our health and growth. Through avenues such as meditation, we begin to become aware of patterns, which originate in the subconscious. We sometimes realize we’ve been behaving on autopilot and reacting predictably and destructively to the same types of situations our whole lives. With awareness, comes the possibility of transforming our subconscious.

Program It Now and Reap the Rewards

Some people believe we can program our subconscious through repeated affirmations and incantations, but this is not necessary if we possess correct understanding and perception. Through meditation and prayer, we can “reveal” more of reality that is already buried within us. Many of the Buddhists speak of experiencing more of “reality”. Our perception is clouded most of the time and we are possessed by subconscious fears unbeknownst to us.

Now, if you’d like to begin with programming or affirmations, that is perfectly fine, but realize in the long view, we can experience more of the wonderful reality, which exists beyond time and space just by practicing silence, no thought, or what some people call meditation.

You could start with an affirmation, such as “All is well”. In reality, we know this to be true using our intellect. If I repeat “all is well” and try to realize this truth at a deep level, we begin to program our subconscious with new beliefs.

Programming the Subconscious with Feeling

I’ve had success in the past repeating affirmations out loud with feeling. Yogananda also spoke of verbal affirmations producing results because they pierce the subconscious with a powerful new belief when infused with emotion and feeling. Some recommend practicing affirmations in front of a mirror, which is powerful too. There is something about looking into your own eyes and saying “I love you” with deep conviction that can produce results quickly in your life.

The important takeaway is that you had no choice in early programming of your subconscious and it may be disturbing to learn about present consequences, but you can now do something about it. You don’t have to remain a victim your whole life. Try some loving affirmations such as: all is well, I am beautiful, only love is real, and I am successful and happy.

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