Ways to Improve Digestion and Stop Gas

ways to improve digestion and stop gas

There are ways to improve digestion and stop gas, but most people only consider what to eat.  In addition, they consider what supplements to implement or what meds to add.

I’m going to focus mainly on non-dietary ways to improve digestion. Stress is always related to digestion problems because your body handles disagreeable foods much better when you are calm. These are methods, which are very useful in my own case.

My Story with Digestion

A couple of years ago I struggled with IBS at times and it really affected my mood. As many of you know, it’s really difficult to be uplifting and positive if your stomach is bloated and very gaseous.

I tried different foods to help eliminate bloating. I eliminated sugar, I eliminated anything carbonated, and I stopped eating raw vegetables and fruits. It didn’t work. Everyone has a different story about what works. People have different beliefs about what causes a problem. This was really frustrating. Nobody seems to have a clear answer even though many claim they have the remedy.

Stress is the Top Cause of Digestive Complaints

Many people want to know a specific diagnosis of their bloating painful bowel symptoms, but does it really matter if we don’t get the problem fixed? I say that because often we are ignoring root causes of physical problems and we would rather have a doctor administer a pill or other medication instead of going deep to find the root cause.

Decrease Your Stress

You’ve probably heard many times that stress is related to many health issues and it’s true. Perhaps, relating stress to your bloating or painful gas may seem to simple a cause and you’d rather discover a miracle medication or find foods to avoid? The underlying reason is that we may have to do some spiritual or psychological transformation to negate stress in our life.

This kindles fear within us. Our old-self does not want to change and will try to sabotage this inner change. This is the real reason we often avoid behavior change that will create a less stressful life. 5-5-7 breathing is a definite way to decrease stress. Get eight hours of sleep and do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day.  You can also avoid processed sugar to lower stress. Try these and see if your bloating and gas pain decrease over time.

Are You Looking Outwards?

Stop looking for a physical or outer cause and go inside yourself to decrease stress. In addition, always remember to begin behavioral changes one step at a time. Too much change at once is difficult and your prehistoric brain will erect defense mechanisms to sabotage your change effort.

Always initiate change with baby steps. One step at a time with consistency is the key.

I wanted to try and help others with some of these issues after learning more about the subject so I signed up for health coach training. There was a little method in the training they briefly suggested called “5-5-7” breathing. They didn’t invent this technique since breathing techniques have been around for thousands of years within yogic methodology and other traditions.

I can tell you that whenever I start feeling any kind of indigestion, I simply do a few 5-5-7 breaths(5 second inhale, hold for 5 seconds, exhale for 7 seconds) and my stomach almost immediately responds. I’ve had many stomach pains just disappear after doing this deep breathing a few times and relaxing my inner self.

Why Does Relaxed Breathing Help Digestion and Gas Issues?

relaxed breathing

Did you know that your digestion stops whenever you are stressed and you produce cortisol?  In addition, your digestive activities actually stop because your body is preparing for fight/flight whenever stress is turned on. Knowing this, it makes sense that if you can tell your body to calm down and not stress, your digestion actually turns on.

The problem is that most people do not know how to relax. Breathe deeply and experience one of the easiest ways to calm your body and destress. It’s really that simple. Relax and digest well. The yogis thousands of years ago knew this secret and they were teaching it.

If you are running around in a rush, worried, or employing any other kind of stress, you are actually telling your body “don’t digest anything right now”. This is the autonomic nervous system at work. It is prehistoric and related to your physical survival.

Are you habitually worried or rushed and then wondering why you have stomach or digestion problems? Look around at lunch time and you will see many people rushing while they eat and not chewing well. This is a clear message to your body that you don’t have time for digestion right now!

The Inner Creates the Outer

Stop fiddling around with the outer material world looking for your solution. Realize deeply that outer follows your inner condition. Create a peaceful inside, and your body will respond. Most people have it backwards and spend their whole life trying to organize the outer world so they can feel better inside. It doesn’t work. It never has and it never will.

Are you trying to accumulate? Are you re-arranging your life all the time with a new partner, clothes, houses, or other outer “things”? Sometimes these are difficult questions to face.  Remember, they can reveal the root of your problem and how you are digesting life.

Learn to Digest Life in a Healthier Way

Since you already know I believe the inner causes the outer. What about our psychological digestion? How are you digesting life? Do you have healthy boundaries with others or do people invade our space a lot? Are you confused about where your life ends and a partner’s life starts? These are symptoms of poor mental digestion, which ends up causing digestive issues in the gut such as gas and bloating.

Work on your inner self-love and surround yourself with supportive, loving people. Find out if you are consistently disturbed by certain groups of people or current events. Reframe these issues so you absorb and assimilate them easier and this will help your stomach calm down. After all, our gut is actually a very sophisticated system of intelligence and is part of our emotional responses in life.

Create a Sense of Safety to Improve Digestion and Prevent Gas

Part of digesting life in a healthier way is creating a sense of safety within ourselves. Many people suffer from a feeling of being “unsafe” in most of their environments. You can easily see how this would effect the gut thereby causing symptoms such as bloating and painful gas. How could you create more safety in your life? In addition, do you take care of yourself and nurture yourself?

Do you feel safe most of the time or not? Why? How can you create healthier boundaries with other people and preserve your sense of self? These are things to journal and consider while beginning the process of inner transformation, which will improve your gut health.

Obviously, if you are in a contentious or abusive relationship at home, this could be the cause of bloating or other digestion issues. I state the obvious, but it is surprising how many people refuse to look within themselves or consider the obvious when addressing health issues.

We train ourselves to run to the doctor.  The doctor provides a pill and says, “nobody knows the cause of IBS”. Therefore, try to reframe your health issue and consider it from a new angle while being detached and objective. You may find the answers you’ve been seeking for years.

Foods Do Matter

Yes, food matters. You have to realize which foods irritate your body. Celery juice on an empty stomach aids in repairing your gut and it is one food you can try adding. Find out which ones cause bloating and eliminate them, but this is only a part of the equation. The majority of your digestion problems are related to stress and inner turmoil. Work on that and your digestion will respond beautifully.

As you become more peaceful through meditation and prayer, your intuition will be clear and you will more easily understand which foods cause you problems. Also, remember the inner creates the outer. Always. Don’t get it backwards.

These strategies provide ways to improve digestion and stop gas over time because they address inner, root causes of disturbance, which must be examined. You can also develop the courage to look within and soothe yourself, which will consequently improve your stomach’s negative reactions to life.