A headshot of Emily smiling.“I worked with Tyler for 90 days and was very satisfied at the end of our time together. He helped me develop a whole new level of awareness with my body and my eating habits. He showed me that I deserve to be loved and validated simply for being alive! Tyler introduced me to a bunch of new positiveaffirmations and meditations that have continued to work for me even after our 90 days were over. Now when I notice excess weight on my body, I no longer criticize it, but think of it as potential energy. The best lesson I took away from my sessions with Tyler is that change happens by the little choices we make. If I remember that, I can achieve anything!” Emily in Needham, MA.


A head image of Vallerie smiling.“Tyler has coached me, over the course of the last 5 months. I have been utterly blessed to have experienced Tyler, as a health coach. He has been a very attentive listener. He has a gift for hearing not only the words I speak, but the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and identity behind the words I speak…and all without assuming he already knows. Along with his acute listening skills, he has shared solutions with me that have given me the knowledge and action steps that I’ve needed, to lovingly shift my thoughts, in order to create change in every area of my life. And this has created a change not only in my circumstances, but a change IN ME, BY ME. Therefore, it is change that will last, regardless of my circumstances or chapter of life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TYLER TO ANYONE CONSIDERING WORKING WITH A COACH! You will certainly be blessed as well.” Valerie in Toccoa, GA.


Mike smiling with glasses.“Tyler is a very methodical, confident and fun coach to work with! I particularly appreciate his knowledge of healthy choicesfrom many areas that supplement his nutrition and fitness advice. ┬áHe has always been a great listener and speaks from the heart. I took 12 health coaching sessions over the course of 90 days and feel that it’s a great, well thought out program with simple, but effective exercises.” Mike in Boston, MA.