Habit Change

Take Massive Action Towards Goals

Someone struggling with IBD issues is often hesitant to take action because they might be afraid of going somewhere there isn’t a bathroom or at least one nearby. There is that nagging concern in the back of our minds that we are somehow trapped and can’t get completely free from our predicament. It doesn’t always have to be like that.

Planning Too Much

Taking massive action towards one’s goals is a sure way to success. If you are a planner like I’ve been historically, then it might sound intimidating. The fact is, we learn twice as much by taking action compared to thinking and planning for things we hardly ever enact. It’s fun and holds a certain fantasy to ponder great dreams and think how easy it is to accomplish wonders in life. Guess what? That’s all happening inside your head and you’re not getting anything DONE! There are wonderful calendars and task lists that we can make, but is that getting anything done? No, not yet. Don’t get me wrong, I like a certain amount of planning, but it’s worthless if we don’t take action. I am now hyper aware of what I’m doing throughout the day because I know distraction constantly pulls at me and I must transcend the old pattern. We can plan our lives away and never get anything done if we are not careful. Is that you? It’s time to wake up and break the inertia of constantly planning in our heads. Just do something. Do anything.

Choose Massive Action and Win

I love how Brian Tracy says, “all accomplishment is task completion.” If we could just take ENOUGH action, we could achieve anything. Why? Because when you take action, you are learning a lot. You learn so much on the subconscious level when you fail at something. Subtle energies are perceived when interacting with someone and they say “no” to your proposal. You are learning valuable lessons that can be enacted the next time. You don’t get these “real-world” lessons when you’re just living inside your head and dreaming fantasies. Why are we afraid to take action? I believe it is mostly because we are afraid of failing or being rejected. Just be aware of this common fear that most people have and be determined to be different. Don’t be another common statistic of someone who is lying in their deathbed wishing they had tried so many things they “didn’t get around to”.

Pay Attention to How Little You Act

I want you to start paying attention to how much you are actually taking action every day. How much of your day is spent “thinking” about things, procrastinating, or doing non-consequential actions throughout the day? For example, I could get my car washed, clean the dishes, take the garbage out, talk to a friend on the phone, and then make myself dinner. Some people would call that a productive day, but did I take action towards my major life goals? No, I did not. I don’t get that day back and in the end, it was mostly composed of minor tasks that “feel good” at the time, but don’t add much to your soul’s bottom line. Pay attention!! What are you doing right now? Are you taking any kind of action towards your main life goals? That’s what you should always be asking yourself. Stay on course with action, not “thinking” about action. People who take massive action are the “doers”. They get things done and achieve huge success in life. Don’t forget, a lot of these people FAIL a lot. They have failed thousands of times, but kept taking action until they won.

A Trip to Yosemite

I remember when I got out of the hospital at age 23 and I was recovering from a traumatic surgery. I was afraid to try anything very physical because I could hurt myself and end up back in the hospital. Well, a friend called and invited me to go on a camping trip to Yosemite. At first, I said, “no, I don’t think I can do it right now.” Later on, something stirred inside of me and I got angry that a surgery was preventing me from going on the trip. I said the hell with it and called him back. I went on the trip and sweated buckets during a long hike into our campsite. I was out of shape after being in the hospital. It ended up being the best camping trip of my life and I witnessed some of the most beautiful sights in the United States. I took action even though I was afraid and it turned out to be a huge blessing. I have to remember to always take the leap of action when I’m hesitating and feel the lure of the monkey mind, which likes to fantasize and keep me bound to mediocrity.

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