7 Strategies to Overcome the Winter Blues

woman by lake with snowWe need a strategy to fight the blues during wintertime especially if we live in a cold climate. I live in the Northeast and find the 7 strategies below help me transcend winter doldrums. Wintertime is beautiful and I love spending time in the snow, but there is also a chemical change, which takes place during cold temperatures so we shouldn’t ignore the scientific and nutritional realities associated with the winter season.

1. Getting Sunshine

Most people are stuck in their offices or homes most of the day. Even in the winter, you need to go and take a walk or perform some other exercise. If it looks like the sun is hidden while snow is on the ground, you still benefit by spending time outdoors.

There is a synergistic and energetic connection between you and nature. There are rays of sun penetrating your skin and psyche even during a cloudy winter day so get out there and get a taste! Upon returning home, you will feel better and be grateful that you pulled on a sweater or put on a jacket and boots to tromp around outside.

Vitamin D is powerful. Take a Vitamin D supplement, 1000 or more IU, in the winter when there is less natural sunshine. I always benefit from this nutritional change during the winter because it helps stave off chemical imbalances that contribute to seasonal depression.

2. Get a Sun Lamp

Many during the winter love these “blue lights” and you can find an array of choices on Amazon or other places. It’s simply a way to supplement that missing light source during the winter. Many people swear that sun lamps have wiped out their winter depression.

3. Take a Sunny Vacation

I live in the Boston area and I always make it a point to go south for 1-2 weeks where I can enjoy lots of sunshine and warmth. Typically, I try to time the vacation during the coldest month of the year. This helps break up our routine and monotony during the winter. When I say “vacation”, I am still working while on the trip. 🙂

4. Rest Properly in the Winter

During the winter, you’re already lacking sunlight so you should ensure that you have enough sleep. Imitate many animals in nature and hibernate if you wish! Sleeping slightly longer hours can be beneficial during this season.

5. Learn to Laugh

You may consider watching more funny movies, hanging out with funny people, or going to comedy clubs during the winter. Norman Cousins cured himself of cancer with laughter. We know laughter is a powerful tonic against a myriad of ills too many to count.

6. Sex During the Winter

I don’t think I have to explain the health benefits of sex…or do I? Lets just consider that we should engage with our partners more often during the bluesy winter because there are so many chemical benefits to intercourse and we know that winter and low sunlight affect us chemically. In addition, loving affection is a powerful, healing, energetic force that will help alleviate any sore feelings exacerbated during winter times.

7. Increase Gratitude

Gratitude is always a tonic for depression and the blues during any time. We can ALWAYS find gratitude and guess what? It just so happens that it’s impossible to be depressed and grateful at the same time. Are you alive right now? That is a huge reason to be grateful because you get to experience planet Earth and its amazing splendor. Do you have a home? I would say that’s a huge reason to be grateful. Gratitude is a habit. Right now, you can look at something and be grateful. Personally, I’m sitting in a comfortable chair right now drinking a green smoothie made with organic kale. I’m grateful for that. I’m also grateful this blog post may actually help others in a positive way.

Of course, there are many other strategies people employ during the winter. I didn’t even mention winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. This is many people’s favorite activity during the year so a lot your strategy comes down to perspective and trying to formulate a positive, loving attitude no matter you present condition or setting.