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How You Eat – More Important than What You Eat

The diet industry and media have always been focused almost solely on what you are eating and how much you are eating compared to how you are eating. Institutions have programmed you to examine how many calories you are consuming or how much fat or how much sugar. This data is important, but it may not be the most important aspects of our digestive health.

This is an “outer” focus, which is much easier psychologically than examining the “inner” how and why of our life. Just remember, we have to develop the ability to examine the “inner” if we desire real transformation because the inner consistently produces our external reality. It always starts inside. Be aware of institutions trying to get you focused on outer things and realize it is always controlled from the inside first, which is the last place people want to seek real answers. After changing this focus, we can as how are we eating?

How you eat can transform your life. The brain does not differentiate between real and imagined stress. Have you ever heard of the example where someone jumps over a rope thinking it is a snake? Their heart is pumping and fear grips their heart, but it was only a rope! It wasn’t a real snake. A similar scenario happens all throughout the day with perceived stress from our personal, inner vantage point.

One way to consider this reality is imagining that you are being chased through the woods by a bear. Now, you can understand the central nervous system has almost the same response when you run out the door late to work and you’re munching on a snack. The inner body doesn’t know the difference. You are turning off your digestion on your way to the car! We wonder why we have digestion problems in this country?

Your autonomic nervous system turns your digestion on and off. You need to feel relaxed when you eat so your digestion is turned on and you reap the nutritional rewards of the food you’re consuming. When you feel safe and relaxed, your inner body knows it can relax and work on digesting your food.

Eating healthy and taking healthy actions are only half the equation.

The Health Equation

Healthy Food + Lifestyle Choices + Ideal Digestion and Ideal Assimilation = Best Life Ever!

Is the How More Important than What You Eat?

So to get started with baby steps, you don’t even have to change what you are eating during the initial stages of your transformation. Focus on “how” you eat and change that first.

How much are you chewing? Are you in a rush when you eat? Have you always been in a rush when you eat? Are you normally on the go when you eat? At lunch, are your coworkers in a rush? Does this effect the way you eat? What are your thought processes usually when you are eating? Are they normally positive or negative? These are aspects to consider when examining your eating life.

Turn on your parasympathetic system by reducing biological and chemical stress. This gives you full digestive power. This can work miracles in your health even with a terrible diet.

How do the French stay slim while eating rich foods? Could it be related to the lower stress and consequently more active digestion? We know about the celebrated Mediterranean lifestyle and the benefits of a lower stress culture.

It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to heal or lose weight when you are under a constant stress response.

In the next post I will discuss specific ways to eat meals while turning on your parasympathetic system and increasing your assimilation efficiency allowing you to lose weight and feel better.