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How to Reframe Our Health Issues

Reframing our health issues is key to transcending certain issues while healing. We can always find a way to discern something beneficial from a previously viewed tragedy. I’ll discuss the positive intentions of symptoms, reframing health issues, and an example relating to self love.

Is a Health Symptom a Positive Intention?

What if we thought positively in regards to our health conditions? When I have an eczema breakout is my body crying for help in some way? Should I keep neglecting my body and continue the same habits while expecting a different result? Perhaps I can take an oral medication or slap on some skin cream to make it temporarily go away. This is a way of telling my body to “shut up, I don’t like what you’re telling me. Go away”.

Instead of telling our body to shut up maybe we should examine ourselves and find out if there is something going awry in our lifestyle. For example, if I begin eating a lot more greens per day and my eczema goes away then my body actually helped forge a new healthy eating pattern, which could help stave off afflictions such as cancer or other diseases as I get older.

Reframing is the Key

I’ve been discussing psychologically reframing. It’s simply learning to see things from a different viewpoint. This new viewpoint could reveal other healing modalities or imbalances that need to be addressed. This is part of a life consisting of self-examination.

You can see that reframing an issue changes the meaning completely. Now, a health issue is not something ugly to be avoided and shut up, but it’s simply a call to please pay attention to your body and perhaps change some health patterns. Have you ever noticed that some cancer survivors say it was the best thing that ever happened to them? They successfully reframed the issue and learned transformational lessons along the way during their healing journey. Those lessons would have never been learned if it wasn’t for their body sending a strong message through cancer.

I know this can be controversial and seem cruel to people whom have endured deaths related to cancer. I have a close family member who died while struggling with lung cancer. I understand the loss, but I’m also recognizing that I’ve learned lessons and even experienced a change in relationship with the person who died. We can always reframe issues because the Reality, God, or the Universe is always speaking to us if we stop, consider, and listen. Help is always on the way. At least, this has been my experience.

Is Overeating a Lack of Self Love?

Could overeating be a lack of self love? Have you ever considered that? What if all health problems could be healed with more love? I know this could sound too esoteric or idealistic, but there is a rich history of metaphysical literature that suggests enough love can heal anything.

I can testify that practicing greater levels of self love is a powerful determinant in progress towards transformation. There are so many ways we can increase self love. We can eat better, exercise more, procrastinate less, associate with healthier people, create healthier boundaries in our social circles, heal important relationships, etc. Self love is something that can be fully integrated into our daily awareness.

To summarize, reframing is about being open minded. How can I see this differently? What is the possible message being sent to me? Is there something I can learn from this experience? Should I keep doing the same thing and expect a different result? We are all deeply rooted to our patterns and sometimes it takes great pain or suffering to break loose. You’re not alone. Talk to others who are in a similar situation. Better yet, talk to someone who has overcome the issue that is plaguing you.