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5 Ways to Increase Your Faith

Charles Fillmore said, “Faith is a magnetic power that draws to us our heart’s desire from invisi­ble spiritual substance. It is a deep inner knowing that what is sought by us is already ours.”

We should increase our faith by building up evidence of our faith. How is that done? There are a myriad of examples and methods that point to this spiritual axiom.

Have you ever wondered how people walk over hot coals and don’t get injured? Well, they are taught to have faith that no injury will occur. Some people call it the power of the mind and others call it will power. Whatever you want to use as a label, it comes down to faith. “Faith is the substance of things unseen” is another quote in Bible regarding this phenomenon.

What If You Don’t Have Much Faith?

1. Faith with Affirmations

It’s o.k. We can build up our faith with affirmations. Did you know studies have shown that people who repeat the statement, “every day, I am getting better and better” actually recover faster in the hospital compared to others with the same ailments?   They are building up faith in their consciousness about health and recovery. What happens? It expresses itself in the outer world.

You’ve probably heard or read about affirmations for years, but have you ever given them an honest, sustained attempt? We can achieve miracles with affirmations because they cement faith over time. When you repeat a statement like “I am beautiful, healthy, and strong” you will begin to solidify this belief within your innermost being. This will slowly become a reality in the outer world and all things will respond to your belief.

If you don’t really believe in a new, positive affirmation, this is because you already possess a deep, contrary belief that must be washed away by consistent cleansing thoughts or affirmations. It takes time, but a newfound faith is a life-changer as you can imagine.

2. Faith Through Positivity

This is nothing new. People have known for years that people who possess a positive attitude and belief pattern about certain subjects seem to perform better than others without this attitude.

Have you noticed that most Presidents and leaders are optimistic in their speeches and express faith in a brighter future? Have you ever wondered if these same people would have gotten so far in life if they had a mostly pessimistic attitude and gave negative speeches about the future of the country? Yes, sometimes individuals can prey on emotions by stoking fear and unrest, but this usually isn’t a winning formula compared to the leaders who inspire and paint a future of rich possibility.

3. Study Examples of Faith

Another way to increase faith is by studying examples of faith in the form of individuals achieving incredible feats by exercising their faith in certain possibilities.

There are plenty of examples throughout history that show faith can achieve the so-called “impossible”. I remember reading Mother Teresa’s biography and being astonished at the miracles that occurred throughout her life as a result of her faith. At one point, her and the nuns had no money to continue their mission in the slums of India and money simply appeared on their doorstep more than once. Mother Teresa had faith that God would supply what was needed.

4. Ignore the Naysayers

The media and others constantly bombard us with reasons to doubt and believe in limitations. It takes will power and inner strength to parry these negative arrows of limitation and take a different mental pathway. It can be done if we are resolved to build up our faith in positive outcomes.

5. Start Small

Set a small goal that doesn’t seem impossible to achieve. Now, form a positive affirmation around this goal.   What if you wanted to learn something new like basic Spanish? “I speak beautiful, fluent Spanish easily”.   Now, start studying the basics of the Spanish language and see if you can start assembling some sentences. Record yourself. Every time a thought comes such as “you sound horrible, you will never learn to speak this well, this is too difficult and I’m tired of trying, etc.”, remind yourself that EVERYONE who ever achieved something meaningful had these SAME thoughts of doubt along the way. They persevered past them. They are no different than you. Doubtful thoughts come to everyone, but only some can choose to ignore them and re-focus on thoughts of positive affirmation towards your stated goal until you feel satisfied that it’s achieved.

You will be amazed if you develop this new inner awareness and start exercising your right to harmony in all your affairs.