Self Love

3 Ways to Comfort Your Inner Child

Early in my spiritual journey, I used to hear the word “inner child” and I really thought it was a bunch of B.S. I didn’t like hearing it and found it personally condescending considering that I’m an adult!

How could there be a child inside of me that needs attention? Isn’t that a bunch of hocus pocus that needs to be dismissed? Doesn’t that kind of thinking hold us back from progressing in life? These are thoughts that ran through my mind when considering this concept. I felt there was more sophisticated subject matter to explore as a serious adult seeking spiritual growth.

After a lot of life experience, I am now convinced that we all have an inner child with varying degrees of pain. I’ve heard many people speak of a loving relationship towards their inner child and now I know it is true for me. Please keep an open mind when considering this concept.

Most of us experienced some kind of trauma as a child and that stuff gets stored away deep inside. We displace anxiety around these feelings onto other people or things, which have no relation to the original wound.

It is simply a matter of not wanting to confront the painful feelings and memories inside that haunt us.

We would rather do anything than experience these potent feelings of shame, embarrassment or grief. Our ego has convinced us that we won’t survive the processing of deep feelings that may be painful.

Embrace Your Child

On a daily basis, close your eyes and spend a few minutes or moments having an inner dialogue with your inner child. “Your-Name, I am here for you. I invite you into my day. I am sorry if I neglected you in any way.”

Just begin this type of dialogue on a daily basis and you might start feeling somatic(body) responses in your gut or other places. This is good. You are addressing deep pain or tension in a compassionate way and you will reap the benefits of more peace, less shame, less reactivity in relation to others and yourself.

Ask Your Inner Child

Ask your inner child in your moments of stillness what he or she needs from you. “Inner Child, is there anything you need from me? I am here for you.” You are inviting your Higher Power and your precious self into your life. You may have been neglecting yourself for an entire lifetime. It is time to return within yourself, which is where ALL your power rests.

Listen and Act

When you develop the ability to hear your inner child’s needs, you can now take some simple action. Maybe you could go see a movie today by yourself and let your inner child know this day is reserved for us.

Your inner child is creative. The universe and God are creative. What kind of creativity did you enjoy as a kid? Did you like to draw, paint, or play certain games? What about dancing? Please, begin trying one of these activities soon. Let your inner child have fun and enjoy creativity. When you do this, you are engaging with the universe in a powerful way. You are truly becoming yourself. Our inner child is a way of connecting with our true selves.

This is the reason that overly serious people look so miserable. They are completely cut off from the energy of creation, which is your inner child. Pay attention to yourself. Your answers are within. The one place we always go last is within. Why? Think about the insanity. All you need to do is start spending some quiet time with yourself by being still and listening to your inner child. This is a loving embrace that will transform yourself.

The inner child is real. I was a skeptic until I took some action and starting communicating on a regular basis through meditation and prayer. Personally, I have experienced somatic response by directing this loving energy within. I believe neglecting our inner child leads to a lot of psychopathology and medical illnesses.