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How to Count Chemicals and Not Calories

Counting chemicals trumps counting calories for a number of reasons. Counting calories takes a lot more effort than glancing at chemicals on a food package. Calories are also mysterious and don’t make sense to the non-scientific individual who wants to become more healthy. Conversely, everyone understands that chemicals should mostly be avoided and eliminated from the body if possible. We also know that chemical toxicity is a contributor to cancer and other diseases.

Focus on reducing the chemical count in your body, which will increase the food quality you are consuming. This has long-term benefits including a slower aging process, less digestive stress, and less disease.

Read the Food Labels

Remember, when you pick up a package of food and look at the label, it will list the number of chemicals according to quantity. When you see the ingredient list has a lot of long chemical names this is a bad sign. It doesn’t matter what companies tell you about some chemicals being necessary and harmless. Are you going to trust they have your best interest at hand?

3 Simple Tips to Start Eating Foods With Fewer Chemicals

1. Start buying organic foods as much as possible. Yes, there is some debate on how much benefit some organic food has compared to non-organic, but I know organic has fewer chemicals so it is worth the effort for me.

2. Buy Non-GMO foods.

3. Find Labels with Fewest Ingredients

The Real Goal is to Eat Less Processed Foods

For decades, food companies have been feeding us poisons with the cover up from our own government. I say cover-up because there has never been sufficient warning about harmful chemicals in our foods because of one simple reason: money. Food corporations have always been massive contributors to the political money machines controlling American politics and the people have been the victims of this back-channel wink-wink, nod-nod, nefarious relationship.

Thank God for technology such as the Internet because the truth is not so easy to hide anymore.

Go Slowly When Starting to Count Chemicals

Just like any habit, go slowly when changing your eating and shopping habits. Your old survival brain will kick in and say, “I don’t like this sudden change in habit! I’ve survived just fine so far!”.

We all have this old survival brain, which doesn’t often have our best interests at hand. Take it slowly. Just start glancing at labels and if you see one package has less ingredients listed, buy that one. As time goes by, you can start educating yourself about the specific chemicals to avoid and which ones are mostly benign even though we know most chemicals should be avoided if possible.

The Fun of Eating High Quality Foods

When you start counting chemicals and realize that you are feeling better by eating higher quality foods, you will naturally start avoiding low quality foods. It’s like any habit taking shape in your life. The low quality, junk foods start falling away naturally.

I can tell you, I don’t even consider eating McDonalds or some other fast food anymore because it has no appeal whatsoever. I know I can find some kind of healthy, cheap snack that tastes better and feels better in the long run. The taste of a fast food burger becomes disgusting after you are used to eating high quality foods.

This is the pleasing result. You are now enjoying healthy food and it tastes great! This has occurred because you slowly changed a habit and your taste buds followed. It becomes easy.

One of the main benefits of eating higher quality foods with fewer chemicals is the fact that you are now more effectively. We know that balancing your blood sugar levels is one of the utmost goals for ourselves if we want to feel better, live longer, and become healthy.