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How to Enjoy Eating Healthy Foods

We can learn to enjoy healthy foods with a few tweaks in the brain. It’s a matter of seeing things differently. It’s not a matter of forcing yourself to do something painful.

First try to do these few things listed below.

We want a combination of protein, fat, and fiber in each meal if possible. This is especially true if you are having sugar or caffeine. These three yummies slow down the absorption of sugar into your body.

Eat until you are 80% full. In addition, if you eat slow and chew more, you will be energized after the meal.

The Culprits: Always try to eliminate soda, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. These spike your sugar level, mood, etc. and then you crash into the familiar vicious cycle.

You Can Eat More

The dirty little secret is that we can eat MORE if we focus on eating the right foods. Eating is a habit ingrained into your subconscious and body like all habits. Once you start re-wiring your brain to enjoy healthy foods, you will desire them and you will not desire the old, sugary treats of the past. You will not be starving when you are eating only healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

Body Awareness

I can’t emphasize enough how important body awareness is to creating healthier eating patterns. If you do a simple breathing meditation, can you feel the inside of your body? Do you feel tension or tightness anywhere? How full is your stomach right now? Does your stomach feel relaxed? These are the types of questions you should start asking yourself to create a new bodily awareness. Why? Because when you are aware of your body, you are aware of what happens when you eat certain things. I want you to start noticing how your stomach feels after everything you eat.

When I eat ice cream it tastes great, but I pay attention to the brick sitting in my stomach twenty minutes later and I remember that ugly feeling, which means I don’t crave ice cream anymore.

Likewise, I pay attention to my stomach after I eat a banana and my stomach feels cozy and relaxed. In addition, I get a rush of energy that is noticeable when I eat a banana. I like this feeling and I want it more therefore I eat more bananas now.

Most people have no idea what is going on inside their bodies at any moment. They are distracted by their phone, other people, or some other electronic goodie.

Become aware of your body and start enjoying healthier foods.

Changing the Focus

Focus on the wonderful things that you “can eat”.

This is very different than thinking “don’t eat that because it’s bad”. This is shaming ourselves. In addition, we usually “want” what we’re told we “can’t have”.

It’s a different way of focusing. What healthy foods do you love? Focus on those and be grateful that you can eat them. Revel in this feeling.

In conclusion, eating healthy foods is a mostly a mental game in the beginning where you start to re-focus on great foods instead of focusing on what you “cannot eat”.

In the beginning, focus on the few healthy foods you ‘ve always liked. Eat a lot of those before you start experimenting into other areas. Your taste buds will adapt to the new healthy foods relatively quickly.

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