Health is More than Diet and Exercise

When people think about health, there are usually immediate thoughts of exercise and diets based in balanced nutrition. Unfortunately, this is putting the cart before the horse, which is a typical error in judgment related to one’s health. I’ll discuss how to view health more holistically so we can take appropriate actions that support our continuous growth towards optimal health.

When reading, be honest with yourself and ponder what comes to mind when you typically consider the word “health”. What does it mean to you? What does health mean to most western forms of medicine? Considering these points might open up more avenues to personal growth.

1. Serentiy >>>> 2. Healthy Eating >>>>> 3. Exercise = Optimal Health

Stress – The Killer of Health

I have mentioned before that stress causes effects the autonomic nervous system by turning off your digestion. Some of us have a chronic, low level of stress or acute peaks and valleys of stress as a normal part of our lives. This wreaks havoc on potential homeostasis within ourselves and we are led astray from real health. Consider the art of yoga. Much of the western world has turned yoga into some kind of fitness regime that doesn’t even focus on the spiritual or mental discipline that was the heart of the original practice thousands of years ago. Once again, we are putting the cart before the horse. We have known for a long time that stress contributes to heart attacks and all kinds of illness, but do we know what really causes it? Are we addicted to certain types of stress because it gives us an adrenaline rush? Do we feel “at home” or “normal” when we are in a serene environment with no conflict? Sometimes old patterns attached to stress must be examined before we can let go of stressful behaviors.

What are You Consuming besides Food?

What is your mental diet? Does it consist of CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC? Perhaps you watch a lot of movies depicting murders? Diet consists of all forms of consumption. Are you consuming a lot of environmental toxins and not spending much time outside each day? These are aspects of our life to consider.

Many people forget that we are constantly in a state of consumption. We need to be careful all aspects of our diet to reach optimal health. Are you fighting with your family members every day, but still eating healthy and jogging around the block to convince yourself of positive health? Trust me, your emotional health is even more important than eating a salad and going to the gym.

Pay attention to your mental diet. Seek peace and serenity before all else. With this increased Presence, you will gain more intuition, which results in better nutrition and exercise routines. The spiritual life produces all outer consequences if we can put our spiritual growth before all else.

Realize that your mind, or what some people call the ego, will try and convince you to do anything besides spending quiet time sitting in peace. Your mind will try to convince you that it is not “productive” and you should be doing something else. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just learn to recognize and observe your old tendencies while making way for your improved spiritual practice.

Meditation and Prayer Lead Us to Real Health

We must learn to calm ourselves through daily meditation and prayer. This automatically turns on digestion and eliminates mental toxins, which affect our physical health. How do green smoothies and tofu help our bodies when we cannot even sit still for five minutes to calm our nervous system? Much of that food is just passing through without getting properly absorbed and metabolized.

Please remember to not put the cart before the horse when it comes to your health. Remember, the outer affects of nutritional eating and exercise will be properly sustained for the long term when we make our priorities of serenity and emotional health above all else. This is not “natural” for many of us. It is a total re-ordering of priorities that must occur if we are to make real progress. Yet, what could be more “natural” than sitting still for a few minutes and imbibing in your true spiritual self? What are your priorities when it comes to your health?

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