Foods that Cause Biochemical Stress

When we think of eliminating stress, we usually consider the usual things of noise, too much work, conflict in relationships, etc., but what if we should also consider the food we are consuming?

Some of us already believe that stress causes death, heart attacks, disease, etc., but have you considered that certain foods can put you in a foul mood because they are causing you stress? What if you drink too much caffeine? That really causes me stress and I have to be careful not to over-do the ice coffee!

Reducing Stress in the Body

If you want to reduce stress through your food consumption, learn how to balance blood sugar. Once again, sugar is the culprit of many bad things. You might already know that most Americans are spiking their blood sugar on a daily basis with their normal diets and this wreaks havoc in the body because what goes up must come down.

After eating a bowl of ice cream, your blood sugar spikes and then eventually crashes. This is very stressful to all systems in the body because your body is constantly having to biochemically compensate for the imbalance in your blood sugar. It is attempting to keep things in balance and does a wonderful job considering it is usually under assault.

What Sugar Does to Food

Sugar is prevalent is so many processed foods and in restaurants. Sugar strips food of vitamins and minerals. It is also usually genetically modified when sprayed with herbicides.

Consumption of sugar causes your body to draw on your reserves of vitamins, minerals, etc. Is it any wonder that it makes you feel drained after the initial spike? It’s a simple carbohydrate that digests very quickly and then you crash.

So please concentrate on consuming the complex carbohydrates such as beans and vegetables in addition to many fruits. These take a long time to break down and digest. They don’t violently spike your blood sugar and they provide homeostasis and relaxation to your body systems. This is a way to de-stress your body.

The Brain and Blood Sugar

Your brain uses 50% of your blood sugar. Have you ever noticed yourself getting irritable or irrational after eating a lot of sugar? I sure have! This spike in your blood sugar tells your brain this is an “emergency” situation so you can see why the product of this is major stress throughout the body.

Now, consider this up and down rollercoaster occurs almost every day for many people. This is why we have so many health problems related to the foods we eat.
There are multitudinous foods we can enjoy that provide stable blood sugar levels. Some of my favorites are beans, nuts, juiced greens, fruits, etc.

Taxing the Pancreas

Your pancreas secretes insulin to bring down your blood sugar. Sometimes, your pancreas will secrete too much insulin and then you crash. This contributes to the body roller coaster.

Stressing the Body is Stressing the Mind

In conclusion, remember that refined sugar is the culprit to many health problems and if you can find sweets to replace refined sugar, such as fruits, you are eliminating stress in the body and mind. The body and mind are connected. They are not separate. Please don’t fool yourself in thinking you can separate the two and abuse one while taking care of the other.

Like most things in life, eating certain foods is a habit. Trust me, when you start eating more fruit and vegetables and less refined sugar, your taste buds will change and you will start enjoying some fruits as much as a bowl of ice cream. It’s true. Just try it and let me know.

Lastly, remember that excess sugar is stored as fat in the body. We all want to be thinner and it’s almost impossible if we are gorging on sugar. Be kind to yourself and start letting go of the refined sugar.

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