Creative Ways to Find a Job

I frequently listen to others around me and notice the anxiety associated with joblessness. Work contains within it an avenue to more self-esteem and creativity. I know that when I’ve spent periods without a job something just doesn’t feel right and I soon venture out looking for more work. It seems we must be engaged with some kind of industrious activity to “feel good” and this is especially true when our work is a way to serve others brighten their futures.

Being Desperate for a Job

The problem with being unemployed is that it can soon turn into desperation. After all, what if you have a mortgage payment, rent, or kids in school? You have to provide for these life necessities so fear can take over quickly. As you probably already know, this is a difficult pickle to experience because this desperation can set off a chain reaction that leads to a downward spiral.

We know, in general, that people are not attracted to other desperate people. We are attracted to others who are confident and possess an attitude of outward service. If you are unemployed, try to remember this reality. You need to somehow embody a presence of abundance and confidence even though you presently don’t have a job. An employer, just like most people in the world, will be more attracted to a person with these qualities. How can you be confident and abundant when search for a job?

Offer an Employer a Solution

One of my favorite lessons to review is one from Earl Nightingale in which he describes a friend of his who went searching for a job during the depression. Nightingale describes that his friend would research the job sector where he wanted to find employment. After thorough researching the sector and talking to people within it, he would approach an employer and say something like “I believe I know a few specific ways your business can be greatly expanded if you’d let me explain for a few minutes.” Of course, when the employer saw this person had a lot of value to offer the company, the job was given to him.

Can you see the difference between someone like this offering a solution and someone who is basically begging for a job out of desperation? If you were an employer and someone is coming to you and saying “I’ll do anything, just give me a chance.” Well, that’s just not as enticing as someone who already put in the work to read about your business, sector, and is already offering creative solutions for your business.

So what can you provide an employer specifically? How can you and your specific skillset improve their business outlook? Can do something that will specifically help them? Do you have any specific knowledge that most people going to the interview do not possess? These are things to consider.

Remember, you are unique. We are all unique in our skillsets. If you know this in your heart, there is no reason to be desperate. All you have to do is convey how your unique persona and skillset will benefit the employer. After all, they would be lucky to find someone like you.

Turn around the entire dynamic. Turn the tables against the fear-ridden mind. Read about the employer and show them you understand their business, technologies, and ways they could possibly improve. 90% of applicants won’t even bother to do this basic research so you are already ahead of the game.

Walk into an Office

If you want to stand out, maybe you could walk into the office of somewhere that is hiring and show your face. Present yourself with a pleasant attitude and let them know you’d like to find a position with their company. This method has worked wonders for people because a face is worth a thousand words on a job application. A first impression could land you a job quickly over others just submitting online applications with no immediate presence.

Tell Your Friends

You’ve probably heard a million times that most people find jobs through other people they know. Well, have you bothered to shoot an email or make a social media post saying you are now presently available and you possess these specific skillsets?

Again, remember the desperation part we talked about previously. You can let your network understand your past achievements and the value you bring to any employer. Let them know specific times during the day you could talk on the phone. You are not desperate, you’re available help an organization if they’re fortunate enough to land you as an employee. After all, you probably already have a track record demonstrating how you’ve increased value for an organization.

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