Habit Change Self Love

Have You Taken 5 Steps to Transform Yourself?

These 5 steps to transform yourself are essential to achieve goals you never thought were possible. We have to “warm ourselves up”, so to speak, before we can really change. That’s why the order of steps is important when considering how to transform our relationship to the outer world and ourselves.

1. Observing Yourself From a Distance

Have you ever tried stepping back and looking down upon yourself interacting with someone or just understanding your current position in life? I first discovered this suggestion through a book by Emmet Fox.

Basically, your perspective is often distorted and you may need some space to grasp the reality of a situation. It’s almost the same as unloading a problem onto a friend and that friend provides you an insight because he/she is detached from the situation.

2. Let Go

Similar to stepping back and observing the self, “let go and let God” is a popular phrase in many circles. You have to develop a certain trust in the Universe that situations and your life will turn out o.k. in the end.

Often, our straining and compulsion to control our world defeats us from reaping the benefits in an orderly, spiritual universe. If you notice yourself trying to control someone or a situation, try to emotionally detach and say, “I’m letting go of this situation.” See what happens with this new practice.

3. Saying Yes to Yourself

You say yes to yourself now because you love yourself. That is the place where you can find yourself. Practice saying, “yes, this is true for me”. What is true for you? What do you really love in life? What really interests you? Accept that and run with it. Stop being afraid to accept yourself, your desires, and your loves in life.

You are attracted to certain things for a reason. God made you that way so accept it and accept yourself. Appreciate the uniqueness, which you bring to the world and utilize that uniqueness.

4. Taking Action

Nothing happens without taking action. If you have done the previous steps thoroughly, you have digested some truths about yourself and you have come to a new level of acceptance and empowerment!

When you begin to love and accept yourself on a deep level, all kinds of majestic things start happening and NOW when you start taking some action in directions that previously scared you, faith and confidence will accompany you allowing you to complete the job. In the past, you may have sabotaged yourself after taking action because deep down you didn’t believe you deserved success or positive change. That’s why the previous step of total self acceptance and letting go of negativity are powerful and create space for future transformation.

5. Your Accountability System

You must have an accountability system and that means surrounding yourself with people who stretch you and want the best for you. In addition, why not surround yourself with people who already possess the qualities you desire? How do they act? What do they read? What do they eat? Hang around them and start doing what they do…It’s true that birds of a feather flock together so become part of your flock.

Yes, a COACH is absolutely a powerful way to set up an accountability system. Here are some testimonials of clients who worked with me. It’s common sense that a good Coaching program is a way for you to check-in, discuss possibilities, and allow yourself to STRETCH beyond what you think is possible.

I can’t tell you how many people I see, including myself in the past, who never go beyond their circle of comfort. Fear prevents them from taking one courageous step and they remain mired in mediocrity the rest of their lives.

Will you be different?

Remember, to transform yourself, you must: observe yourself, let go, say yes to yourself, take action, and then lock in the transformation with an accountability system!

You take these steps in this order and you WILL transform. You now have the groundwork laid out before you…what are you going to do with it?

There is only one time. I mean really, in a scientific reality sense, there is only NOW. You can take action right now. Just take one small baby step and the dominos will begin to fall in your favor…