3 Ways to Balance Blood Sugar

needle and equipment to test blood sugar

Blood sugar is a major concern around the world and especially in the United States where there is an obesity epidemic and diabetes’ rates are high. There are three great ways that I know of to balance blood sugar. One involves drinking more water, another way is to focus on eating the right amount of protein, and thirdly employing a metabolic type theory can produce good results. You would think these are common sense, but they aren’t really to most people for many reasons. One of those reasons is low self worth. I talk about that in other posts.

Why Drink More Water?

For one, God’s gift called water, doesn’t carry any negative side effects. I advise you to learn how to enjoy water. Be in the moment and pay attention to how it feels when you drink a nice glass of water. It is refreshing if you can be in the moment and foster gratitude.

Water also carries nutrition around the body, flushes toxins from the body, aids digestion, and reduces inflammation. Those are all incredibly powerful benefits and yet how many doctors tell you to drink more water? Not many.

If your urine is light in color, you are drinking enough water. Urinating every two to three hours is ideal for most people. Again, everyone is different and there isn’t a one size fits all so monitoring your urine is a good way to know what amount is right for you. Gradually increase your amounts of water each day. Please don’t chug copious amounts of water, drink it naturally and consistently throughout the day.

You may notice that you are visiting the bathroom very often in the beginning when you increase water intake. This is an adjustment period that should modify after the initial adjustment. If you struggle with digestion issues, try drinking your water in between meals so your water intake doesn’t interfere too much with stomach acid while digesting food. I normally only drink after a meal and I try to wait as much as I can afterwards.

Too Little Protein

Adding some protein to your diet combats sugar cravings. If you have too little protein in your diet, it can lead to sugar cravings, fatigue, hair loss, and being unfocused.

Too Much Protein

Conversely, too much protein can engender constipation, less efficient kidney function, bad breath, body odor, weight gain, feeling tight or stiff, sweet cravings. The body also becomes too acidic.

What Type of Protein Should You Eat?

Everyone is different in regards to the most beneficial foods for their body. Considering this, we need to perform constant experimentation. The experiment is easy. How do you feel twenty minutes later? After you eat fish, do you have more energy twenty minutes later or less? Write down which foods add energy twenty minutes later. These are the protein foods your body is excited about eating.

For me, whenever I eat a kale or spinach salad with beans, I get a really nice push of energy shortly afterward. It works every time. My body simply loves beans for some reason while they may not work so well for others. In addition, consuming a nice amount of spinach or kale always gives me a source of energy that I feel acutely.

Metabolic Type Theory

You can also experiment with the Metabolic Type Theory, which focuses on your specific types of cravings and fatigue levels. This theory also requires experimentation to find out which set of foods works best for your type of body system. A metabolic type A person loves salty food, is prone to anxiety, has a strong appetite, and experiences fatigue often. They would require lots of healthy proteins to satisfy their body type and provide ample amounts of energy.

All three of these methods can help balance blood sugar, which is key to developing healthy homeostasis within your body. You might notice this post reflects upon the virtue of self-awareness similar to many of my other posts. Increased stillness, meditation, and prayer lead to deeper self awareness and this manifests many healthy outcomes including the insight to know which foods are helping me or harming me.

Top Ways to Improve Your Digestion

diagram of digestive system in body

When most people think of ways to improve digestion, they always consider what to eat or what supplements to implement into their diet. I’m going to focus mainly on non-dietary ways to improve digestion. Stress is always related to digestion problems because your body handles disagreeable foods much better when you are calm. These are methods that I found very useful in my own case.

My Story with Digestion

A couple of years ago I struggled with IBS at times and it really affected my mood. As many of you know, it’s really difficult to be uplifting and positive if your stomach is bloated and very gaseous.

I tried different foods to help eliminate bloating. I eliminated sugar, I eliminated anything carbonated, and I stopped eating raw vegetables and fruits. It didn’t work. Everyone seems to have a different story about what worked for them and they all have different beliefs about what caused the problem in the first place. This was really frustrating. Nobody seems to have a clear answer even though many claim they have the remedy.

I wanted to try and help others with some of these issues after learning more about the subject so I signed up for health coach training. There was a little method in the training they briefly suggested called “5-5-7” breathing. They didn’t invent this technique since breathing techniques have been around for thousands of years within yogic methodology and other traditions.

I can tell you that whenever I start feeling any kind of indigestion, I simply do a few 5-5-7 breaths(5 second inhale, hold for 5 seconds, exhale for 7 seconds) and my stomach almost immediately responds. I’ve had many stomach pains just disappear after doing this deep breathing a few times and relaxing my inner self.

Why does it work so well?

Did you know that your digestion stops whenever you are stressed? You produce cortisol and your digestive activities actually stop because your body is preparing for fight/flight whenever stress is turned on. Knowing this, it makes sense that if you can tell your body to calm down and not stress, your digestion actually turns on.

The problem is that most people do not know how to relax. One of the easiest ways to calm down your body and let it know that you aren’t stressed is to breathe deeply. It’s really that simple. Relax and digest well. The yogis thousands of years ago knew this secret and they were teaching it.

If you are running around in a rush, worried, or employing any other kind of stress, you are actually telling your body “don’t digest anything right now”. This is the autonomic nervous system at work. It is prehistoric and related to your physical survival. Are you habitually worried or rushed and then wondering why you have stomach or digestion problems? Look around at lunch time and you will see many people rushing while they eat and not chewing well. This is a clear message to your body that you don’t have time for digestion right now!

The Inner Creates the Outer

Stop fiddling around with the outer material world looking for your solution. Realize deeply that outer follows your inner condition. Create a peaceful inside, and your body will respond. Most people have it backwards and spend their whole life trying to organize the outer world so they can feel better inside. It doesn’t work. It never has. It never will.

Are you trying to accumulate? Are you re-arranging your life all the time with a new partner, clothes, houses, or other outer “things”? Sometimes these are difficult questions to face, but they can reveal the root of your problem.

Foods Do Matter

Yes, food matters. You have to realize which foods irritate your body. Celery juice on an empty stomach aids in repairing your gut and it is one food you can try adding. Find out which ones cause bloating and eliminate them, but this is only a part of the equation. The majority of your digestion problems are related to stress and inner turmoil. Work on that and your digestion will respond beautifully.

In addition, as you become more peaceful through meditation and prayer, your intuition will be clearer and you will more easily understand which foods are causing you any problems. Remember, the inner creates the outer. Always. Don’t get it backwards.