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7 Strategies to Overcome the Winter Blues

We need a strategy to fight the blues during wintertime especially if we live in a cold climate. I live in the Northeast and find the 7 strategies below help me transcend winter doldrums. Wintertime is beautiful and I love spending time in the snow, but there is also a chemical change, which takes place… Read more »

10 Healthy Snacks for Traveling

frogs traveling on vacation

We all travel sometimes and it can be really tough to maintain our health goals and nutrition guidelines when our favorite foods aren’t around in the new environment. There are ways to keep this predicament simple and so we can mostly stay on track while traveling. Many professionals, who travel a lot for their careers,… Read more »

3 Reasons Caffeine Is Difficult to Stop

ceramic cup half full of coffee

Quitting caffeine, especially coffee, can be one of the most difficult tasks you can attempt, but the benefits can be significant. It seems we are in a fully immersive, caffeinated society juggernaut when considering all of the restaurants, businesses and cultural forces that advocate coffee and caffeine consumption. Becoming a rebel against these ubiquitous forces… Read more »