How to Succeed in Any Career

You may not think you have what it takes to succeed in a career. You may be intimidated by the thought of competing with so many other talented people. You have the best career path to ensure your success. I’m sure you want to make a good living and many of you want to support a family.

There is one skill you can develop and employ to ensure success in any career.

Get this one point, and you will start rising to the top.

Focus on One Thing – Yourself

I worked in the military for twenty years and I can tell you I wasted a lot of time worrying about what other people thought of me. I had an image to protect! A reputation!

“I wonder what my supervisor thinks of me? He could give me a bad evaluation next time, etc. etc.”

“Why didn’t that group invite me out to lunch? They must not like me, etc. etc.”

“I hate the way she talks to me. That guy has no respect for me. I never get acknowledged for a good job done, etc. etc.”

If you can identify with any of these conversations within your own head, please read on….

Your ability to focus on the task at hand will determine your success for the rest of your life. This includes whatever career you are in right now.

If you step back and observe yourself, you will notice that you are very distracted throughout the work day with the above mental chatter, which has nothing to do with the work task presently at hand.

Can you train yourself to start blocking out worries enough to just focus on the present task and get it done?

If you can, you will rise above a lot of your work peers for the next promotion, raise, etc.

If You Build Yourself, They Will Come

Another way of viewing this, is considering the old saying, “if you build it, they will come”. In our case, “if you build yourself, they will come”.

What does this mean exactly? Well, remember that people are watching you. Not in a paranoid or delusional, self-centered way, but people at work always “notice” who is doing a good job and who isn’t.

Therefore, what I’m trying to drive home is the fact that if you can learn to concentrate on getting your task done and then moving onto the next ask while most other people are worrying about a million different distractions, you are going to get attention as an incredibly productive worker.

Just like cream rising to the top, the best workers slowly rise to the top and those people are offered promotions, better jobs, etc.

So yes, if you build yourself into an above-average, productive worker, “they will come” in the form of: praise from management, recognition, promotions, raises, etc.

The wonderful thing about this reality is the fact that it takes a lot less energy if we can just learn to focus more on ourselves and the task at hand instead of the usual distractions and fears that occupy our mind. It is exhausting, as you probably know.

Consequently, it is actually easier to succeed than fail!

The Pull of Distraction

To finish this topic, I want to emphasize growing your capacity to be aware. Can you become more aware of your patterns, tendencies, and actions?

Start to seek out the times and places, which cause distractions from the task at hand.

Do you normally start surfing the Internet at a certain time of day. Do you get an urge to make a phone call during work or read about sports, or the news?

It’s o.k. You don’t need to beat yourself up, just become aware of these patterns and start making present-moment decisions to work on the task instead.

You have the power of choice. Next time one of your favorite distractions appears during the day, remember this blog post, and make a decision in the moment to ignore the temptation of distraction and instead work on your present task.

At the end of your day, try to start logging your daily accomplishments and monitor the increase in your daily productivity. You will be amazed how far you have come so quickly.


How to Find Your True Calling Quiz

Personally, I’ve struggled most of my life wondering what my true position in life ought to be! I know that I enjoy doing some things, but can I really make a living doing them? Just because I enjoy something, does that mean I’m good at it? Am I better at this activity than most other people?

These are typical questions I wrestled with most of my life. It’s only in recent years after doing a lot of gut check-ins and focusing on spiritual growth that I finally feel confident my current path of work is aligned with my higher purpose.

The Key

Here is the key: If you’re not passionate about something, chances are you will eventually quit because you will lose energy while trying to master the skill. Passion and your true place in life will carry you through the tough times. Inevitable roadblocks will occur along the path to success. After all, why put forth effort to overcome a tough roadblock if you’re not really enjoying the job that much?

Take the Quiz

I’ve devised a quiz below to help you discover your calling:

1. What activity came easy to you as a child in school or at home? This activity could be a talent you were born with. That’s why it was easy for you and difficult for others!

2. While growing up, what did others say you were good at? In what areas have others complimented you? Perhaps a teacher said you had ability in a subject area, sport, or hobby? Perhaps a mentor or friend has told you what you are good at?

3. What subjects have always interested you? What do you like reading about? You may find yourself reading certain types of books or watching certain types of movies.

4. What brings you joy? What activities result in a lost sense of time because you’re fascinated or totally absorbed?

5. Is there any overlap in your answers to questions 1 – 4 ? Look for the common thread through your life and you could be getting a hint of your true purpose.

6. Finally, how can this activity or interest help others? We always get fulfillment in life by helping others. We can use our unique abilities to help others differently than other specialists in our field. This gives us a natural, competitive advantage and financial abundance flows as a result.

Now, You Must Take Action

Now that you have a much better idea of your true calling in life, you must take action towards its fulfillment. You are worthy and deserve the best in life. Start brain storming ideas on how to use your special talent or passion to help others. You can start a business or find the perfect job because now you have the confidence of possessing a unique skill compared to many other people in the world who struggle in this area.

Remember to Teach

Always remember, if something comes easy to you or others have complimented you regarding certain areas, there is an opportunity to teach your subject. There are people who want to learn this material!
You could write a book. You could start a blog on the subject. You develop a product related to the area of interest. You could hold training seminars. You could start a YouTube channel and develop a following. You could start teaching a local class in your neighborhood. These are just a few of the options that are truly endless once you have found your true place in life.

All of these ideas are ways of teaching and helping others. You are discovering ways to serve the customer or your community.

Do you see how this is a huge secret to career success?

Does this help you narrow things down?

After doing this quiz, can you see yourself doing something abundantly fulfilling in life?