Basics of Good Nutrition

Diets are simply a shell game with macronutrients. You must understand it’s just a mix of changing the timing, amount, and kind of macronutrients. This is a big reason that diets don’t work. Why does deprivation or restriction not work? It is because your body goes into survival mode during food restriction and starts preserving fat. That is exactly what you do not want! When you diet, you are losing fat burning muscle.

We want to develop a way of eating that is satisfying and healthy. We don’t focus on deprivation like diets recommend. Instead, we focus on abundance. We eat abundant foods and nutrients and feel incredible. It is a matter of behavior change achieved through baby steps.

The bottom line to remember: neglecting the transformation of your consciousness, which always gets reflected in your outer world including the body, is the foremost concern when achieving any kind of long term change.

Always remember, vegetables have the highest nutrient density. How can you consume massive amounts of vegetables to benefit yourself? What about blending large amounts into a smoothie with some fruit for taste like I do? Trust me, it is life changing.

There are 6 main nutrients you need to absorb. Here are the basics of nutrition regarding these nutrients:


You need a lot of macronutrients because they provide energy. Have you ever noticed that rush of energy after you eat a bowl of pasta? What other kinds of macronutrients have you noticed give you a boost of energy? For me, I always notice a boost of energy shortly after I eat a nice salad or beans.

Macronutrients are made up of these three:

Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are organic compounds that contain single, double, or multiple sugar units. Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly and they are usually sweets. Complex carbohydrates get this name because they have a complex chemical structure and they take a while to get broken down. Fiber cannot be digested and does not have calories so it just moves through the digestive tract and gets expelled. All of these carbohydrates get broken down into sucrose, which is the main source of your energy.

Fats – Fats do not dissolve in water. Saturated fat consists of meats like red meat and poultry. Polyunsaturated fat consisting of Omega 3s come from meats such as fish. Trans fat is not good for the body and partial hydrogenation creates them. Whenever you see partially hydrogenated fats on a label or description, try to stay away from that food source(if you want to call it food).

Proteins – Proteins are made up of amino acids.


You only need trace amounts of micronutrients. These help metabolize nutrients into energy. I consider them worker bees that maximize the potential and output of the foods you are consuming.

Micronutrients are made up of these three:

Water – Everyone has heard about drinking eight glasses of water per day. Is it true for you? Are you conscious of how you feel when you drink plenty of water compared to when you are dehydrated? It’s amazing the vast majority of the population walks around dehydrated and doesn’t even know the contrast of feeling proper hydration. This simple lifestyle change would save hundreds of millions in healthcare costs related to preventable illness.

Vitamins – Take that multiple vitamin per day. Better yet, just start eating 80% fruits and vegetables every day and you will most likely be getting your proper dosage of vitamins. Personally, a green smoothie is my magic tonic.

Minerals – A lot of these are found in those fruits and vegetables I mentioned earlier.

In closing, remember the difference between micronutrients and macronutrients. Diets focus on scarcity and that does not work in the long run. We are all a little different in body chemistry. Avocados may provide a huge source of energy for you, but I may not feel much after eating one. As with most things in life, become more aware of what is going on right now in your body. How does your stomach feel twenty minutes after eating that salad? How is your energy level? Is it higher or lower? Over time, this kind of awareness will produce the perfect way of eating for you.

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