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How to Become More Productive in the Morning

I made a post about becoming more productive at home and now realize how to become more productive in the morning is a BIG PROBLEM for many people.

I finally read a book called the 5am Miracle, which helped me realize that getting up at a certain hour of the day can change everything when it comes to your daily productivity.

Early Risers Are Less Distracted

Think about it. If you can rise around 5 am, who else is up at that time? Not many others. Just by getting up earlier than most people, you are already ahead of the game. Why? Because you can immediately start getting an important task done before the phone starts ringing or emails start flooding your inbox.

In addition, your mind isn’t cluttered yet with daily activities. Your mind is free to concentrate on something immediately. I recommend working on something very important as soon as you wake up because this may be your most productive part of the day.

Complete a Task Immediately Upon Waking Up

Here’s a secret. Try working on an important task as soon as you roll out of bed. Don’t eat, don’t exercise, and don’t meditate. If you can immediately get something significant finished when you roll out of bed, you will already have momentum and a sense of accomplishment.

This will provide motivation for the rest of your day.

Meditation or Prayer in the Morning

When you sit in silence, you are allowing creativity to bubble up from your depths.

Silent time in the morning helps clarify and simplify your course forward. Life is not as intimidating after you pray or meditate.

This helps you become more productive because you are less likely to procrastinate if you are serene and present.

Exercise in the Morning Provides Energy

I do a 4 minute workout, which you can find here.

Perhaps, you could take a 30 minute walk or run around the neighborhood? Studies show that people who exercise early also workout consistently.  For you, how to become more productive in the morning may just be about getting an early workout.

Once you get the blood flowing early, you will find it much easier to get things done efficiently in the morning. Doing any kind of aerobic activity changes your chemical composition. It boosts tryptophan in the brain, which aides in the production of serotonin.

A Green Smoothie in the Morning

For years, I’ve been drinking a simple green smoothie in the morning. This provides super nutrients on an empty stomach after sleeping for hours. This and water are the best items you can consume in the morning upon waking up.

My recipe is simple: a little unsweetened almond milk, some frozen organic blueberries, a quarter of banana, and fill the rest of the blender with organic kale or spinach. That’s it. Talk about an energy boost!

Write Down Your Daily Goals and Learn How to Become More Productive in the Morning

Before you go to bed, write down your daily goals for the next day. This is a powerful habit because it eliminates confusion upon waking up.

You wake up and simply look at your list to get started immediately. Otherwise, you could spend a lot of extra thought trying to decide what direction to take for the day.

You can prioritize these tasks quickly the day before and have a “ready” to-do list upon waking up.

In addition, there is another benefit to preparing your daily tasks for the next day. Solutions to your current tasks may come to you while you sleep. The subconscious works on items you are thinking about as you fall asleep.

This list should help answer how to become more productive in the morning. Out of the many methods I’ve tested during morning time, I find these some of the most productive methods.

You may need to juggle the order of these items or experiment with other routines before you find a sweet spot for morning productivity.

There are some people who accomplish more in a couple of morning hours than average people accomplish in a whole day!

This is your time to attack priorities and launch yourself for the rest of the day. Let me know if you have any other tips, which work for you.