5 Tips to Become More Giving

angel holding a person's hand

Forgive me that I surmise most people are selfish most of the time. After all, who is really 100% giving without having a hidden agenda. This agenda might even be hidden from themselves. Athony De Mello’s book Awareness drives this point home well throughout the classic. Saying that, are there ways to becoming a more… Read more »

3 Reasons Caffeine Is Difficult to Stop

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Quitting caffeine, especially coffee, can be one of the most difficult tasks you can attempt, but the benefits can be significant. It seems we are in a fully immersive, caffeinated society juggernaut when considering all of the restaurants, businesses and cultural forces that advocate coffee and caffeine consumption. Becoming a rebel against these ubiquitous forces… Read more »

Top 5 Times to Eat Your Meals

Do you believe we are connected to nature and her rhythms? Well, we are intimately connected to our surroundings and there is a constant symbiotic flow between nature’s components and ourselves. Logically, it makes sense that we should do everything we can to put ourselves into this natural flow instead of trying to go against… Read more »