7 Ways to Prioritize Your Life

There simply is not enough time to get everything done. You may have been fooling yourself most of your life by pretending that it’s possible to get everything done, but we must get clear on reality. How do you know what to prioritize when you simultaneously understand that everything will not get done? You can… Read more »

5 Games That We Play With Ourselves

Have you ever thought that maybe you are exactly where you really want to be? You might say that’s crazy and you’re in fact a victim of the people around you, of circumstances, or some other outer influence. You are always winning the game you are playing. So what is your game? That’s the question…. Read more »

5 Ways to Overcome Your Fears

woman leaping to another rock

In his book, Power through Constructive Thinking, Emmet Fox speaks of the “Bogeyman Downstairs”. This is an accurate metaphor representing 99% of our fears. In other words, the imagined fear doesn’t exist in reality. The issue at hand is how to remember this when fear strikes and it strikes often for most of us if… Read more »