3 Steps to Gratitude as a Way of Life

I can walk down a street and be worrying about financial matters or what my partner really thinks about me these days when I say something critical towards her. I’m a busy guy and have a lot of responsibilities! I have things to accomplish and deadlines to meet. There is always a potential, impending disaster… Read more »

How to Find Your True Calling Quiz

Personally, I’ve struggled most of my life wondering what my true position in life ought to be! I know that I enjoy doing some things, but can I really make a living doing them? Just because I enjoy something, does that mean I’m good at it? Am I better at this activity than most other… Read more »

Proven Strategies to Stop Being so Critical

I’m going to discuss three areas where we struggle being too critical: in an intimate relationship, towards ourselves, and others in general. I’ll provide simple tools to shift the tide in our favor towards being more accepting and loving. Stop Criticizing in a Relationship As most of you know, intimate relationships seem to trigger us… Read more »