Take Massive Action Towards Goals

Someone struggling with IBD issues is often hesitant to take action because they might be afraid of going somewhere there isn’t a bathroom or at least one nearby. There is that nagging concern in the back of our minds that we are somehow trapped and can’t get completely free from our predicament. It doesn’t always… Read more »

How to Succeed in Any Career

You may not think you have what it takes to succeed in a career. You may be intimidated by the thought of competing with so many other talented people. You have the best career path to ensure your success. I’m sure you want to make a good living and many of you want to support… Read more »

Improving My Body Image VS Rehearsing the Old Story

The self-image is the most important thing to consider when trying to develop a successful lifestyle according to the classic book Psycho Cybernetics. Without a healthy self-image and body image, we inevitably sabotage ourselves after working out for a while or losing some weight. Why? Our subconscious belief is not in alignment with our desired… Read more »