Ways to Improve Digestion and Stop Gas

ways to improve digestion and stop gas

There are ways to improve digestion and stop gas, but most people only consider what to eat.  In addition, they consider what supplements to implement or what meds to add. I’m going to focus mainly on non-dietary ways to improve digestion. Stress is always related to digestion problems because your body handles disagreeable foods much… Read more »

How to Become More Productive in the Morning

woman sleeping in bed

I made a post about becoming more productive at home and now realize how to become more productive in the morning is a BIG PROBLEM for many people. I finally read a book called the 5am Miracle, which helped me realize that getting up at a certain hour of the day can change everything when it… Read more »

Have You Taken 5 Steps to Transform Yourself?

brain with words retrain your mind

These 5 steps to transform yourself are essential to achieve goals you never thought were possible. We have to “warm ourselves up”, so to speak, before we can really change. That’s why the order of steps is important when considering how to transform our relationship to the outer world and ourselves. 1. Observing Yourself From… Read more »