About Totality Coaching

Tyler smiling with crossed arms

I’m Tyler, the author of TotalityCoaching.com.  I help people double their productivity and accomplish goals they didn’t think were possible.

The word “totality” is supposed to capture the totality of possibilities.  A belief in “no limits” is transformative when working on your own self-perception so you can know the Truth.

We can stretch ourselves by enlarging the vision of ourselves and surroundings.

I created this site to help disseminate useful strategies so you can be more successful in any chosen path.

You can achieve things not presently in your conscious realm of possibilities.  You may need to work with someone who can SEE those possibilities in YOU before you can see them in yourself.  We will form a plan to reach those goals.

Below, I discuss a little of my history and how I became a Coach.

Career and Education

At age 20, I joined the U.S. Military and just recently completed a 20-year career. I worked in the IT field and for most of my career and achieved professional and personal milestones I didn’t think were possible in my previous life. For this, I thank the military for growth opportunities even though it wasn’t fun at times!

During this time, I lived in California, Florida, and Boston where I currently, happily reside.

I eventually achieved a Bachelor Degree in Business Management. Years went by and I knew I wanted to attend graduate school at some point.

When I decided to finish my 20 years, I realized it would be best to wait and attend graduate school at the end of my career so I could use the education immediately in a new career path.

Along the way, I got certified as a Health Coach.

Personal Healing and Professional Development

I’m currently a member at a well known meditation center in Cambridge, MA. I attend lectures and meditation classes on a weekly basis. My meditation and prayer practice is essential for well being and a foundation, which enables me to Coach clients effectively and continue to pursue my dreams.

Current Happenings

I’ve been a certified Holistic Health Coach since August 2016. I experienced some personal transformation by immersing myself in the program and practicing coaching with other students across the country. You can read some testimonials from some of my clients.

As a Coach, I’m grateful to receive positive feedback from my clients in the areas of health, personal financial management, nutritional practice, increased self-esteem, and greater personal awareness.

I absolutely love being a Productivity Coach because I get to see people transform in front of me and broaden their vantage point.

Personal transformation is priceless because it pays us dividends for the rest of our lives in all areas of living: health, relationships, finance, spiritual, career, etc.

In addition to being a certified Coach, I also love being Coached and will always benefit from an ongoing relationship with an effective Coach.


Tyler (at) TotalityCoaching (dot) com