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8 Ways to Become More Productive Working at Home

Here are 8 ways you can become more productive working at home. I use these techniques all the time. You need to stay cognizant of outside and inner distractions, which are trying to derail from succeeding at the most important things in life. Working from home can be an amazingly productive time if you set the right conditions and don’t allow yourself to be overcome by the myriad of outside influences fighting for the attention of your eyeballs and ears!

1. Clear the Clutter from Your Desk

You physical work environment should be very comfortable and clutter free when you begin to work.  Louise Hay reminded me that a cluttered home or work environment is a sign of a cluttered mind. You need space to relax and focus on the most important work items in your life.

2. Surround Yourself with Beauty

Studies are showing, unsurprisingly, that our surrounding environment has a direct impact on our inner state and ability to concentrate when at work. How does your workspace currently present itself? What colors make you comfortable? Do you like being around plants? These are just a few points to consider when designing your work environment.

3. Classical or Ambient Music can Help you Concentrate

I use the Focus@Will app to play music, which has scientifically been proven to help concentration levels. People with ADHD have been tested to see, which sounds and music help them focus and these have been incorporated into the Focus@Will app. Baroque classical music has long been known to help people focus and get tasks completed.

4. Get a Pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones

These Sony Headphones are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for myself. I was initially hesitant about paying around 350.00 for headphones, but now I’ve shown them to all of my family and friends. Imagine yourself being in a coffee shop with your computer and pushing a button on your headphone that cancels out surrounding noise. It is amazing! This is especially true if you’re very sensitive to noise like I am.

5. Simplify your Task List

Distractions at home can be prevalent so make sure your task list isn’t too long or your may not get started on anything! Work on simplifying to 5 tasks or less when deciding what to do for the day. Remember, it’s o.k. to only complete one task as long as that one task is truly important and gets you closer to your goal.

6. Turn Over Your Cell Phone and Silence It

When you around about to perform a task like answering email or calling a customer, silence your cell phone and turn it over so you don’t even see the screen. Remember there are many forces of advertising that are working through your cell phone to keep you distracted from YOUR life goals. Your phone can prevent you from achieving great things in life. It is a TOOL that YOU need to control. Don’t let it control you. Turn it off and put it away once you start on your tasks and practice not looking at it for longer periods of time.

7. Take a Walk During Your Break

While working from home, take advantage of your neighborhood and get a 30 minute walk or exercise period after a main task is completed. Your walk is your reward for completing a task. This bit of exercise will rejuvenate you and give you a pep to continue working when you arrive back at home.

8. Start Work Immediately When Awaking

This might be the most impactful tip on this list to become more productive from home. When you awake, don’t meditate, pray, or exercise. Try to immediately go to your desk and complete one important task. Tell yourself that your reward for completing this task is your normal morning routine such as eating, praying, meditating, or working out. Just imagine how much more you will accomplish when starting something important the second you get out of bed. This is a habit in process that ensures you become a productivity machine by completing tasks FIRST and then rewarding yourself later.  Becoming more productive in the morning is a huge benefit!  Try it and let me know!

Hopefully these techniques can help you become a productivity machines while working from home or anywhere such as a coffee shop or a cruise ship!

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