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7 Ways to Prioritize Your Life

schedule words in collageThere simply is not enough time to get everything done. You may have been fooling yourself most of your life by pretending that it’s possible to get everything done, but we must get clear on reality.

How do you know what to prioritize when you simultaneously understand that everything will not get done? You can establish a willingness to let go of unnecessary baggage in life. Every day, successful people practice the art of letting go. This is key if you want to become efficient reaching your goals.

1. Set Your Grandest Goals

What are the main goals for your life? Would you like to have children, become a millionaire, own a business, or become a spiritual teacher? You must know your main life goals, which can take years to achieve. Once you have this, you can start taking baby steps every day towards those goals. These goals should make you feel excited when you think about them…and you SHOULD think about your goals every day. By now, you probably understand the power behind the subconscious mind and how it produces much of our reality.

2. Stop Putting Everyone Else First

If you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t help others efficiently. It is not selfish to take care of yourself and love yourself. Contrarily, it’s a necessity if you want to serve others. You may need to get professional help or join a support group if you’ve been a caretaker your whole life and want to establish a new pattern of giving yourself equal care.

3. Learn to Say No

Once you’ve established your clear life goals, now you can learn to say no to everything else. Parry away those incoming distractions and regain focus on your established goals or priorities. Saying “no” is a learned skill. Also, remember it is “how” you say it, but not necessarily “what” you say. You can say “no” to family and friends in a compassionate way that allows you to maintain relationships while staying focused.

4. Find Activities to Stop

Take an inventory of your daily activities. Which ones can you “stop” because they do not align under your few established life goals? Remember, any activity that doesn’t align with your established life priorities is a distraction and should be eliminated. Beware of the wandering mind! It loves distraction.

5. Clearing Clutter

Take 5 minutes per day to walk around your home and declutter. Put things away as much as possible. A cluttered home is the manifestation of a cluttered mind. Keeping your space somewhat neat and orderly helps you stay focused on your primary goals. This is especially true if you have a desk or workspace. Try to keep that work surface clear and organized especially in the morning when you begin your work.

6. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Henry David Thoreau once said, “simplify, simplify, simplify” and this quote is often present inside when I’m trying to become more efficient and aligned towards my life goals. Can you simplify your email accounts? Can you digitize your paperwork? Can you cut down on the amount of furniture you own? Studies show some of the happiest people on Earth own very little material items.

7. Meditate or Spend Time in Silence

When I spend a few minutes each day in prayer and silent meditation, I finish the sessions with a vision consisting of more clarity and less anxiety. I naturally see the next step in my journey more easily. Previous to meditation, I became confused more easily and held less confidence regarding my next steps in life.

These are seven steps that should give you a beginning towards a more conscious life pregnant with your loftiest dreams and exciting steps along the way. Most people do not have clear priorities in life, which have been established after careful consideration. Journal your main goals in life. Brainstorm this subject and you will be way ahead of most people on the planet.

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