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5 Ways to Love Yourself to Prosperity

I like to discuss these five ways of loving yourself because I have personal experience using them. Of course, there are countless ways to love yourself, but these are just a few percolating in me right now.

tree with dollar bills growing on it.1. Continuous Learning

Did you know that most people don’t even bother to learn more about their job? Think about it, when was the last time you made a conscious effort to find out the latest about your industry or job?

If you do this on a regular basis, then I’m surmising you are probably already successful in your career.

It’s a fact that most people come to work, do a decent job, and then go home. It doesn’t even occur that consciously getting better at a skill related to your job will eventually cause you to outgrow your current position, which results in a pay increase or promotion.

When you are putting a little time aside to get better at your craft, you’re taking time to love yourself by striving to improve yourself.

2. Self-Love Affirmations

I’ve discussed affirmations before and real results that can follow. If you’ve never done affirmations, I always suggest with starting on self-love.

Here are some examples:

I love and approve of myself.

I am beautiful, healthy, strong, young, powerful, loving, harmonious, successful and happy. (I’ve used this affirmation for years and it’s made me a happier, more confident person.)

Everything I touch is a success. (This is a favorite one by Louise Hay LINK HERE)

3. Meditating as an Act of Love

Did you know there are now studies showing meditation results in an increase of 20 or more IQ points? I know that when I meditate for 15 minutes and start a web development project or writing something, I am more clear and efficient while working.

There are other countless benefits to meditating such as consistent temperament, lowered stress levels in the body and anti-aging. Being in the present moment, which is thecrux of meditation is an obvious act of self-love that will enhance your performance in a career.

4. Forgiving Yourself

We are usually too hard on ourselves. I didn’t know this until a therapist pointed it out to me. I was surprised. I really didn’t know that I was hard on myself and ever since that revelation I’ve maintained a certain awareness of my current thought stream and feelings towards myself.

Saying this, it becomes apparent that increased self awareness is often a prelude to self forgiveness. It’s difficult to be happy while dwelling on the past. Unfortunately, if you are dwelling on a past event, you’re probably being hard on yourself about something.

Forgiving ourselves as only human can release tremendous energy so that you can pursue your dreams with a new vigor.

It’s amazing how much guilt a large portion of the population carries around. It confirms my understanding that your mind can be your worst enemy if there isn’t volition towards loving thoughts and action.

5. Opening Yourself to a New Vision

You’ve probably heard that people are often more capable of their current situation. It amazes me to hear stories of certain people throughout history who possessed a limitless vision of themselves and the future.

You think of people like the Wright brothers and Thomas Edison. They didn’t believe in limits and projected their dreams onto the world carrying the rest of civilization with them.

So what about you? What is your vision of yourself? Did you know that you could achieve anything that you can conceive?

You first have to conceive and then begin to believe and see yourself in that reality. Believe me, that reality does exist because you are thinking it. That is all that is necessary.

So practice stretching your vision. Remember, most people do not believe they are capable of very much. They live in a mental birdcage where reality is dim and restricted.

Open yourself, see a new possibility, then move towards it and watch your circumstances change regarding financial prosperity and any other kind of prosperity.


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