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5 Games That We Play With Ourselves

board game with piecesHave you ever thought that maybe you are exactly where you really want to be? You might say that’s crazy and you’re in fact a victim of the people around you, of circumstances, or some other outer influence.

You are always winning the game you are playing. So what is your game? That’s the question. Does your game involve being subservient to poverty? Are you a victim of current affairs or politicians who “don’t care about you”?

These are some questions to answer with as much honesty as you can muster. We are working perfectly to produce the results we are getting. Garbage in, garbage out. For every action, there is an equal reaction and so the Universe goes…

Often, we are taught from birth to play specific games of victimhood or some other entrapment. You can develop accurate skills to take personal inventory resulting in a path forward.

1. Many people value distractions and instability more than consistent meal timing, which brings physical calm and stability. You would rather live in controlled chaos and eat whenever it’s convenient while lying to yourself and claiming it doesn’t matter when you eat your meals.

2. “I don’t deserve to eat” is another little game we can play with ourselves. When this game is played, we eat with anxiety. This could be an unconscious decision that’s why personal inventory and honesty is so important when we investigate ourselves and look in the mirror of Truth.

3. We play a game when it comes to our relationship with time. “I am so busy and there is never enough time”. What if we reversed this game and said, “no matter what I do, I always have enough time”. Can you imagine the difference it could make in your life? You always have enough time to prioritize the items that really matter. It may take some journaling or introspection to discover those few things that really matter.

4. Are you constantly trying to fulfill the priorities of other people? What if you played a new game that consisted of you listing your own priorities and making time on your calendar each day to fulfill some of those priorities? How would that feel? Do you even know what your priorities are….or have you been running around pleasing others your whole life? Change the game starting now!

5. Another game is eating when you are already full. Are you playing a game of ignoring your body when it is telling you that it’s full or it doesn’t like certain foods? How is your stomach reacting? Can you listen to your body and honor yourself? A new game would be the arising of awareness and responding lovingly to your body’s signals. Paying attention to my needs and myself can become a new game.

Many souls live an entire life while not understanding the game can be changed. We can choose to play another game and correspondingly chart another path. There are limitless games to play and sometimes books or other people might give us ideas of possible, alternative games to play.

First, we have to discover the games we are playing with ourselves. Remember, it’s always a game we play with oneself and not someone else. You may be deluded into believing the game is being played upon you or you’re a member in a two-person dance, but you’re the originator and the receptor.

This concept buoys the soul when understood completely because it means we are truly in charge of our destiny and can chart any path in life.

What is your chart or what is the game you can start playing today? Using the word ‘game’ as a metaphor can help us engage the process with a joyous expectation. Lets make life-changing movements while having fun. Lets make it a game and notice how well we are playing.

In addition, a game can be held as something that requires practice to master. Are there certain things I can do to practice playing the game of life better?

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