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3 Levels of Personal Transformation

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When I start working with a client, I want to move us towards small behavior changes in the beginning. If we can accomplish some small behavior changes, we are moving confidently towards transformation. For example, maybe you can start eating a piece of fruit after a meal instead of the dessert you used to always eat after certain meals? This small change implemented once per day can begin to uproot a pattern and this kindles a succession of positive health benefits down the line.

Small changes are the key because this relaxes the client’s psyche allowing for fundamental change. When prodigious changes are introduced to our ego, defense mechanisms are triggered, which create a formidable barrier against meaningful change. This is a common phenomena amongst everyone so don’t be alarmed or feel you are inadequate in any sense.

Some people believe that you think your way into right behavior. Others say you act your way into right thinking. I believe it can be done either way, but we know thoughts move at supersonic pace so it’s probably that a though occurs before you take a specific action. Saying that, we can certainly take an action, such as exercise, even though we don’t have positive thoughts about exercise right now. We can perform the action even if we don’t feel like it. This is discipline. Over time, we find that our associated thoughts become more supportive of the actions taken.


Your stories are the #1 determinants of your health and metabolism. These stories are results of deep-rooted beliefs, which have been entrenched since early childhood. They are unconscious mostly and it takes new levels of awareness and conscious effort to change our stories. It can be done. It will be done once we become aware of the common, inner stories and their negative effects upon our health.

You can do investigative work on your daily thought patterns and beliefs. What are you thinking about as you walk down the street or take a jog? Notice if most of these thoughts are positive or negative. Write down the questions you have about your beliefs. “Why do I have the consistent thought ‘I’m fat’? When is the first time I can remember having that thought in my life? Who suggested that I’m fat? Is it really true? Is this something I have to keep repeating? How does it benefit me?” Start writing down answers to these questions and you will soon discover the original thought or suggestion occurred long ago and it might not have anything to do with your present life. You will probably discover that it’s simply a repeated pattern of habit that you have no use for anymore. It’s simply a mental habit and nothing more. There is no truth to it. This is incredibly power because we are uncovering the real truth behind these negative patterns. We are removing the veil of secrecy covering them, which have allowed them to promulgate most of our lives. These insubstantial phantoms have directed our lives in some negative pathways, but there is no longer a need to be afraid of the thought patterns. We can simply let them go and replace them with new beliefs rooted in reality.


Who are you being? Act the part and your identity will change over time. Start acting like the person you want to be. Do you want to be in shape? Then start acting like a person who is in shape. Get congruent with that identity, persona, or being. Your mental projection will begin to create your identity over time.

Have you ever heard “fake it til you make it”? This is a powerful way to transform. In the beginning, it may feel awkward or impossible. Nothing is impossible. Just keep acting the part and support your new identity with new beliefs and behavior. Remember, the universe is in a constant state of motion. That includes our bodies, thoughts, beliefs, etc. You can start directing all of these fluid phenomena into a desired direction and they will eventually manifest on the physical level. You already know this, but I’m just pointing it out for you again.

These three levels of personal transformation can be engaged as soon as you find a small behavioral change to enact. This doesn’t have to be complicated. We can start small and ultimately produce life-long changes that transform us and consequently others who are closely connected.


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